• FIMO will be liaising with government and non-government organizations on behalf of all the member organisations.

  • FIMO will facilitate events and activities that promote harmony and interaction between Indian Australians of various faiths.


Welcome to FIMO

It is imperative to have an umbrella organization that facilitates and fosters the interaction and harmony between all Indian Victorians, regardless of religion,language or regional heritage. Indian Victorians include all Victorians of Indian origin.

Federation of Indian origin Multi-faith Organisation(FIMO)is a peak body that promotes interaction between people from Indian origin of various faiths to benefit the wider Australian society. Greater interaction and the inclusion of all members of the Indian origin Australian community in cultural events will lead to a more vibrant community and have a positive impact on mental health, general well-being and the community’s standard of living.  FIMO is made up of a number of constituent member organizations (CMOs).

As the Victorian Government’s own “Victoria and India: From Engagement to Partnership” report from 2013 identifies, the Victorian Government has committed itself to “harnessing the ties between Victoria’s Indian Community and India” (p.17).

Equipping FIMO to address the current religious harmony and awareness needs of Victoria’s Indian community is vital to demonstrating that Victoria has a mature, multicultural and religiously aware understanding of the diversity within Victoria’s Indian community.