Organisational Values

  • FIMO as a peak body organization will act on behalf of all religious and cultural organizations including Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Muslims and Buddhists with Indian background established in Victoria 
  • FIMO will facilitate events and activities that promote harmony and interaction between Indian Australians of various faiths.
  • FIMO will be liaising with government and non-government organizations on behalf of all the member organisations.
  • FIMO will be liaising with other similar organisations such as Islamic Council, Rabbi Groups, and various Christian faith groups on behalf of its members to improve synergy and harmony across the entire Australian Community.
  • FIMO will also act on behalf of Victorian Indians in tackling various issues including: Challenges in migrating to Australia, isolation and boredom,lack of community participation, lack of and or under employment, poor language skills, Racial Discrimination, Senior Citizen Welfare, Youth Affairs, Mental Health & Human Services, Domestic Violence & access to the justice system.