Nepal - Prayers to Action Spiritual Fundraiser: Federation of Indian Origin Multi-Faith Organisation

On Saturday 4 July 2015, the ’Nepal: Prayers to Action’ event took place at Museum India, 61-63 Foster St, Dandenong. The plight of the victims of the April 25th Nepal earthquake brought together religious leaders, artists, volunteers and guests across faiths to unite in one space to offer prayers and raise funds for the victims of Nepal.

Federation of Indian Origin Multi-Faith Organisation (FIMO) collaborated with Museum India to curate this event, which carried a bold message of spiritual harmony. The event featured a soulful flute recital by a member of the Nepalese community, whose family was directly affected by the earthquake, as well as prayers and performances from multiple faith systems, followed by a nutritious vegetarian dinner prepared by ISKCON. Funds raised at the event were donated to ISKCON’s Food for Life project in Nepal.

Subramanian Sangameswaran (FIMO Treasurer), Vasan Srinivasan (FIMO Trustee), Paramjit Jaswal (FIMO President) and Bhakta Dasa (FIMO Vice President)

Cr Sean O’Reilly (Mayor of City of Greater Dandenong), Dr Dinesh Parekh (Museum India), Paramjit Jaswal (FIMO President) and Vasan Srinivasan (FIMO Trustee)

The event was a success with the Mayor, Cr Sean O’Reilly from the City of Greater Dandenong in attendance. High profile guests graced the occasion including philanthropist Dr Dinesh Parekh and Indian community leader Mr Vasan Srinivasan. Dr Dinesh Parekh donated an inspiring work of art representing unity of faith systems to the Museum, which was unveiled by the Mayor, Cr Sean O’Reilly and Mr Paramjit Jaswal (President of FIMO).

Simon Kearney (Buddhist Mindfulness Meditation)


FIMO engaged Keshav Prashad a flautist of Nepalese origin, Satwinder Gabbi + Family from the Guru Nanak Mission Australia to share Sikh kirtan, Pallavi Sathyanarayana and Radhika Desai students of temple dance at Navaratna Arts, Samir Mozayan from the Baha’I Kingston community to present Persian Baha’I chants, Rev Dr. John Dupuche to offer Christian prayers, Rev. Russel Cole from the Liberal Catholic Church who exhibited a grand vestment, Simon Kearney from the Buddhist Discussion Centre (Upwey) who guided a mindfulness meditation session and Shaykh Zainuddin from the Naqshbandi Sufi Order who offered Qur’an recitations, Dhikr and poetry by Rumi.

The Museum showcased items such as sculptures, gold medallions, a sculpted tile, paintings and an iron plate, which explored themes of faith, spirituality and devotion. The rare opportunity to experience various hues of spiritual expression was appreciated by all.   

- Revati Ilanko|Executive Officer