'Meet, Greet + Eat' - FIMO End of Year Celebration

Federation of Indian Origin Multi-Faith Organisation Inc (FIMO) ushered in the festive season and promoted the establishment of its Multi-Faith Reference Committee by hosting a special ‘meet, greet and eat’ event for FIMO board members, staff and newly inducted ‘Multi-Faith Reference Committee’.


The event took place in Dandenong, at Little India’s cultural icon, ‘Museum India’, followed by dinner at Bikaner’s Indian restaurant. FIMO’s current board members, Paramjit Jaswal (President), Bhakta Dasa (Vice President) and Vasan Srinivasan (Trustee) were in attendance. FIMO was pleased to welcome, Carey Rohrlach, Christine Mukherjee, Manjit Singh Aujla, Nesan Naidoo, Nitin Doshi, Parviz Deamer, Dr Seham Muhsen Ali Al-Shwayli, Soundarrajan Iyer and Suria Naidoo as members on the Multi-Faith reference committee.

The President, Paramjit Jaswal announced that FIMO had been granted $50 000 in funding from the Victorian Government’s Office of Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship (OMAC); a remarkable start for the upcoming year. Dr Seham Al-Shwayli shared her research which focused on Islam and Muslim identity, migrant women, gender issues, children and the Muslim diaspora. Nesan Naidoo, founder of ‘Mind Modelling’ provided an insight into his expertise in dealing with social challenges such as domestic violence, the negative connotations inherent in generalisations, and building resilience in individuals. The event was a great opportunity for members to familiarise themselves with each other, share their expertise and establish goals for the New Year.


Revati Ilanko | Executive Officer