Program: FIMO + Museum India - Multi-Faith Immersion Program

FIMO + Museum India Multi-Faith and Community Harmony Educational Tours (ongoing – bookings essential)

FIMO is pleased to invite you to book in for a cultural and multi-faith program. This program is available for primary and secondary school kids and is co-delivered by FIMO and Museum India. Cultural and multi-faith programs will involve a guided tour of specific artefacts on display at Museum India, followed by activities and guided discussions.

The Federation of Indian origin Multi-Faith Organisation Inc (FIMO) promotes interaction between people of Indian origin who belong to various faiths to benefit the wider Australian society. FIMO is made up of a number of constituent member organisations and is committed to running projects that foster greater harmony and understanding among Victorians.

Museum India, the treasure trove of Little India, Dandenong, houses a unique collection of Indian paintings, etchings, photographs and sculptures, which provide insight into India’s culture, religiosity and history spanning 18 000 years.

Sikh Golden Temple

Sikh Golden Temple - Amritsar

Retired Psychiatrist, Dr Dinesh Parekh’s collection of up to 2000 works, form the present collections on exhibit and held in trust at Museum India. His personal collection has been generously contributed to enrich the community and lies as a testimony to the richness of Indian heritage.

Available programs

  1. Multi-faith Immersion

Booking your group in for a cultural or multi-faith program builds greater socio-cultural awareness, which will promote a socially cohesive community.


  1. Choose the program(s) you wish to participate in
  2. Email the proposed program (including date and time) to FIMO Executive Officer Revati Ilanko -

Book in for the Multi-Faith Immersion Tour

Jain Mahaveer

24th Tirthankara of Jainism - Sri Mahavir

Descent of the Ganges

Descent of the Ganges - Hinduism