Mrs Suria Naidoo

Suria is a fourth generation, Indian female, born in Durban, South Africa. Having grown up in a family of teachers, Suria has always been eager to follow her lineage and make a difference though Education.

Suria attended school and university during the Apartheid era in South Africa which was typified by racial segregation and the policy of Separate Development. Despite this, Suria is extremely grateful for the hard work and sacrifices made by her Indian forebears who first arrived on the shores of South Africa in 1860 as indentured labourers. They survived harsh treatment and persecution and yet choose to remain in South Africa at the end of their indenture. They set up community funded schools , temples and universities as they saw Education as a weapon, to facilitate the progress of the Indian community.

While at university, Suria was part of the student protest movement and despite the climate of political instability, she qualified with Honours in Pedagogics, specialising in teaching English, Drama and Communication. Suria subsequently taught in a local Indian secondary school for six years.

In 1996, Suria emigrated with her family to Auckland New Zealand where her three children were born. Suria continued to teach her specialised subjects at a local Secondary school for a further six years, as well as assuming the position of Assistant Head of the English Department.

In 2002, Suria immigrated to Melbourne Australia, where she was offered a position as a teacher at Holmesglen Institute and later the position of Placement Coordinator in Work Education. During her time at Holmesglen , Suria attained a Graduate Diploma in Career Education & Development and a Master of Education. Suria is also a qualified PACTS facilitator ( Parents as Career Education Support).

During her studies, Suria conducted extensive research into the impact of cultural diversity on the employment prospects for migrants in Australia. Suria currently teaches Cultural Diversity, Disability and Behaviour Management in the Certificate 111 in Education Support Course at Holmesglen and is researching topics for her PHD. Suria attributes her successful assimilation in New Zealand and Australia to her competence in written and spoken English, which she recognises as a significant drawback for highly qualified, new migrants.

Suria demonstrates a diverse teaching experience which spans 25 years in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. She is a highly organised and hardworking individual who exemplifies resilience and perseverance, based on her life experiences as a culturally diverse female and mother. As an educator, she is highly regarded for a professional and committed approach to working with students. Her personal attributes are hall marked by sound values based on the pursuit of academic excellence, respect for self and others and a desire to make a meaningful contribution to the Education, Empowerment and eventual Employment of her students and her community.