Ms Christine Mukherjee

I come from a Bengali background bringing the best of West and East Bengal. I hold postgraduate qualifications in History, Political Science and Education from Kolkata University and University of Adelaide. I regard my spiritual walk as one which is grounded on the teachings of Jesus Christ who is my 'Sat Guru'(my true teacher). I am also well grounded and continuing in my attempts to study various other parts of The Bible including Old Testament as all have relevance to our everyday present living and provides me with a framework which I missed in my Bengali upbringing.  I am a firm believer of love, peace and living to one's full potential for serving self and for the greater benefit of others. My greatest love is for the people of the Indian Subcontinent which is dotted with various belief systems and cultural groups. I hope this heterogeneity will be accepted by all as a colorful tapestry for everyone to experience and resonate well in our efforts at building a vibrant and  prosperous Australian society.